Customization Design

Professional manufacturer of automation equipment supplier. Rapid prototyping and customization, provide MAX benefit of production machine.

System Integration Ability

MAS Software quickly integrated with the client and other machine series, provide the feedback and integration information of entire plant.

Synergy of Machine, Electricity and Software

Design / Assembly / Test / Installation / Production by MAS. Reliable quality and production speed.

Prompt Response and Service

More than 40 years with combining cooperation with China and Taiwan to provide customers the best support and comprehensive services.



Modular Assembly System
Modulize = Smart (Mechanical + Electronic + Software)

Mechanical Modular

Like “LEGO” Random Assembly

Software Modular

Auto Detect and Smart control

Electronic Modular

Cable Pin design and Plug & Play
  • CCD Technology
  • AOI Technology
  • Gluing Technology
  • Auto Screwing Technology
  • Auto attaching Tape
  • Label Stick and 2D Record Technology
  • Inline Buffer Technology
  • Ultrasonic Welding Technology